Award winning barrel-aged fermented, unpasteurised, Sauerkraut full of good gut friendly bacteria. Made in Petworth, West Sussex, using locally sourced ingredients from growers who have a soil, human and animal friendly policy. 



White Cabbage, Himalayan Pink Salt.

The Process:

Award-Winning Fermented Traditional Sauerkraut. Unpasteurised and teeming with friendly bacteria, which we call the good guys. We make our Sauerkrauts by taking the best ingredients and finely shredding them, we then work and manipulate the ingredients manually whilst carefully adding just the right amount of Himalayan Pink Salt to draw out the vegetable juices. Once we have worked and manipulated the White Cabbage and Himalayan Salt mix, we then begin the rigorous testing phase, constantly monitoring the pH levels and temperature readings. After all the initial set of tests are complete, the ferments are sealed to deprive them of any oxygen and placed in our fermenting room, where over the duration of the fermentation period we constantly monitor and test for changing pH levels, temperature fluctuations and bacteria growth. Only when we are 100% satisfied that the batch of Sauerkraut has fermented to perfection, do we release it ready for jarring and sending out to our customers

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Traditional Sauerkraut (500g)

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